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In a globalized market with an ever-increasing amount of technical information and specifications easily available on the web, design-in is a mechanism to protect the official distributor that still exists. However, the autonomy of the customer in the development of any project makes design-in obsolete, transforming it into an objective impediment to the search for one or more components at the best quality-price ratio.

In this scenario, if you wish to look for an alternative solution, you need to be careful not to come across goods whose quality can affect your business. Our know-how consists in looking for the best global supply basin by-passing, safely, the design-in mechanism through markets with higher rotation and, incredibly, often arriving directly to the manufacturer!

Relying on us means to be guaranteed to bring home the best purchase: if we are not able to do it, we will give you all the information, at zero cost, to optimize the negotiation with your supplier!

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Any trademarks mentioned on the pages of our site belong to their legitimate owners.


Connectors are discovering themselves as an incredible world in the parallel market in which we operate! Assuming that the difference lies in finding a high turnover pool of the item you are asking for, every day we are discovering that connectors can have even higher saving margins than microcontrollers, despite the latter being notoriously covered by design-in.

Basically, whether you are looking for a low single-cost item (JST for example) at high quantities or a high single-cost item (CPC Tycoe family) at lower quantities, we will be able to give you a worldwide view so that you understand where to place your order.


Any trademarks mentioned on the pages of our site belong to their legitimate owners.


Commodities are notoriously low unit cost items, but if you use high quantities they become an important cost chapter of your card where you can make savings. The independent distributors then interpose between you and the main producers offering more advantageous conditions than the official distributors but with the same quality!

The broker, if you want to go further, often tries to get the maximum profit from each transaction, taking advantage of the customer’s need to have at all costs certain components. We, on the contrary of the broker, want to build a solid relationship with the client, through advice and prefixed goals to be achieved and a supply from reliable and continuous sources.

Remember that our advice is always free and always useful to optimize your purchase with your old supplier!

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