Why a design-in blocks an objective component research

Why a design-in blocks an objective component research

In a globalized market, increasingly rich in technical information and specifications easily available on the web, design-in is a mechanism to protect the official distributor that still exists. However, the autonomy of the customer in the development of any project makes the design-in obsolete, transforming it into an objective impediment to the search for one or more components at the best quality-price ratio.

In the past, design-in represented a guarantee for the official distributor, who effectively committed substantial resources for technical support to the customer who wanted to adopt that component in his system. Today, the same design-in mechanism risks facilitating the distributor who is better positioned in the initial phase of a project, creating disadvantageous conditions for any independent distributors and above all for the customer.

Independent distributors: the safe solution for reliability and convenience

The electronics market has undergone profound changes in the last decade. Globalization has introduced multiple variables that govern the presence of electronics, affecting the availability of components, their quality, and price. Political turmoil at the international level or administrative turmoil within countries, social tensions, or more or less predictable natural and health emergencies, directly affect the markets. At the same time, the possibility of purchasing worldwide, shortening distances and times, allows access to more advantageous conditions but also hides potential pitfalls.

In this scenario, purchasing increasingly influences the outcome of a project, its convenience, and any profits it may generate. In short, the evolution of the electronics market opens the way to many possible advantages related to component procurement. At the same time, care must be taken not to run into goods whose quality can be detrimental to the business. Independent distributors are best able to navigate the markets. Relying on them is a guarantee of optimal purchasing.

Why choose independent distributors?

The design-in concept binds a customer to its official supplier, and there is no room to seek better purchasing convenience. Once this constraint is dissolved, it is possible for a customer to order, for example, Hirose FH34SRJ-6S-0.5SH (50) or other components from an independent distributor.

It will be the responsibility of the distributor to provide all the specifications, to ensure the finding of the exact quantity of Hirose FH34SRJ-6S-0.5SH (50) connectors and other required components, and to ensure that the shipment is on time. It is also essential to guarantee the quality of the products. In the absence of an experienced broker of choice, it is the buyer’s responsibility to seek quality components at the best economic conditions. The action of an independent distributor is essential in this context. Time in the purchasing phase is significantly shortened. Even more important, thanks to the experience and professionalism of a reliableindependent distributor, possible inconveniences due to supply delays, purchasing errors, or defective components are minimized, optimizing all project phases.

When you need to take advantage of technical support from the parent company, you should also contact the official distributor. However, from a strategic point of view, it is inconvenient to do so for large quantities of goods. Our advice in these cases? Properly divide the material to be purchased between the official distributor and the independent distributor, in order to have the benefits that we have described above, which instead you could not take advantage of if you turned exclusively to the official distributor.

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