What does an independent distributor do?

What does an independent distributor do?

Who is and what does the independent distributor do? Are you sure you know this important figure in the market?

The independent distributoris a professional figure that could be placed between the manufacturer and the retailer. In everyday language, it is often referred to as a wholesaler, because it buys large quantities directly from manufacturers to resell them, divided into small quantities, to other entities in the supply chain or distribution.

In the electronics section, independent distributors play a much more dynamic role than other sectors, especially raw material distributors, as the market in this sector is very dynamic and things change rapidly. In fact, in addition to managing purchases, payments and logistics, they also provide real consulting services to buyers. The purpose is to make them understand the possibilities that the market offers so that it is the customer himself who gives the objectives to be achieved according to his needs, in terms of price, the timing of supply, number of pieces, and type of product.

Electronics is a field in which innovations are practically in order of the day and where everything becomes easily and quickly obsolete. So it is necessary to get supplies from those who are always on the piece, indeed it is always a step ahead.
One question arises: why there is still an intermediary and why can’t buy directly from the manufacturer?
The answer is very simple: it is always easier for companies to work with a limited number of distributors rather than having to deal with dozens and dozens of sellers, building a system that would require them to hire a dedicated staff and then face additional costs. The independent distributor, on the other hand, is always one step ahead.

He knows the global marketplace and if you need Texas Instruments products like these:

  • Analog to Digital Converters – ADC Hi Sp Hi Res 625kSPS 24B Delta Sigma ADC ADS1672IPAG,
  • Instrumentation Amplifiers Precision Low Power Instrumentation 1 Circuit 8-SOIC, Burr Brown, INA129UA,
  • Isolated 5-V CAN transceiverISO1050DUBR
  • LOW PWR DUAL OP AMP 2-Channel, 1MHz, industry standard, 26V LM2904MX,

he can find, after consultation, the best conditions available on the market according to your needs.

Of course, you will have to carefully select your independent distributor, he will have to obtain your trust, guarantee you continuity in the supply quotas, give you all the guarantees on the products that he will “provide”, through the documentation of the tests performed on the components. And most importantly, he will have to provide you with assistance on the material sold and support you even if he cannot provide you with the best conditions directly. If you establish a long-term relationship, you will have chosen the right independent distributor.

Now that you understand what an independent distributor does and what features you should look for in him, don’t you think this is the right way to supply your electronic equipment?

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