Types of warranties

Types of warranties

The electronics market can become a real jungle, both for the less experienced and the more aware users. Finding the right components for your needs is not always easy and often interfacing directly with the product’s parent company is complicated and not at all convenient.

In this context are inserted the independent distributors, which allow you to buy components at the best conditions, both in terms of quality and price. You may need an independent distributor for a Samsung CL31B106KOHNNE ceramic capacitor or perhaps the Samsung CL10A226MQ8NRNC multi-layer ceramic capacitor, depending on your needs. What matters is that these professionals are also able to give you the best guarantees of the case, protecting you in various ways.

Warranties and independent distributors

If you manage the purchases of a company you know for example that to be able to stay behind the oscillations of price, the times and the costs of delivery, the suppliers, and the conditions of sale is a titanic enterprise, that subtracts the time to your job. That’s why independent distributors can help you identify the “pieces” that interest you and they do so by directing you towards the best solution, safeguarding your interests from various points of view.

For example, the guarantees that independent distributors can give you:

  • exchange of goods in case of problems – although rare, after purchasing your electronic components you may experience some headaches. You don’t have to worry, because you will be supported also in the after-sales phase and you can change the purchased goods in case of problems.
  • response to visible and hidden problems – interacting exclusively with the official non-European circuit, therefore working only with new and original merchandise, the independent distributor can offer you assistance in case of malfunctioning after installation or visible structural damage of the response of the components
  •  to any collateral damage inflicted on cards and/or equipment
  • availability of insurance dedicated to these issues – the distributor can put everything in writing through a regular sales contract, so that you are 100% protected
  • quality tests – such as Functional, X-ray, Visual, Electrical

Further advantages

By relying on independent distributors you also have the possibility to buy components that are now obsolete, considered rare, and therefore difficult to find, especially in their original version. The distributor handles relationships with well-established sources that provide you with fast delivery and guarantees for up to 12 months.

To avoid unpleasant surprises and unprofessional reality, which often give you low-quality products at ridiculous costs, and opt for authentic experts who can always give you real guarantees. In this way, you will make sure you get only original items of the highest quality and the best currently available in the electronics market. Obviously, we are talking about articles with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Establish a lasting relationship of collaboration and consulting, define the goals together, and develop a targeted purchasing strategy, always relying on the support of real professionals in the field. Contact us now by filling out the form below!


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