Traceability of a product

Traceability of a product

Are you a simple electronics enthusiast or do you manage the purchases of a company that uses this kind of component? Then you know very well that the market is constantly evolving and that price fluctuations are the order of the day. They are so many events that could influence the esteem of the value of a product and it is not always easy to follow all also because today the roles to cover inside a Procurement Office are multiple. That’s why, for example, turning to an independent distributor for the purchase of the part FT232BL by FTDIChip could be the most convenient choice.

This way, you no longer have to interact firsthand with the parent company, fight with suppliers, or browse through reviews looking for any malfunctions found. Forget about customs fees or skyrocketing delivery charges! Independent distributors will guide you to the best solution for your needs, find the most advantageous offers, and provide you with only high-quality products, guaranteed and 100% original.

Do you always have the ability to track the origin of your electronic components?

How many times have you wondered where one of the components you purchased came from? Not all suppliers allow you to investigate this thoroughly, often because this would mean admitting that the specific product is not that good. Reliable independent distributors allow you to understand exactly where, for example, your new FTDI Chip FT232BL chip came from, without any ifs or buts, and even tell you which is the best channel at a given time.

Traceability operations can be carried out even after the same object is already assembled with the other elements, such as the wiring or the electronic board. In fact, on the package, there should be an informative label, on which you can find the data code and the serial number of the product. But this is not always enough!

You can recognize “reliable” independent distributors because they guarantee you perfect traceability of the chain, a service that consists of several steps:

  • Acquisition of “incoming” photos of all the material present in the reference warehouse
  • Creation of personalized labels, which contain all the necessary information (nr. pieces, country of origin, date code.. etc..)
  • Correct compilation of the invoice and of the transport documents, in which all the information mentioned in the personalized labels must be reported
  • Acquisition of photos “in outcoming”, that is of the parcels leaving the warehouse; in principle open, in order to verify the content, and then well sealed, immediately before departure

It would be impossible for an official distributor to cope with all these steps, i.e. to interface with all customers directly. It’s a different matter if you go to an independent distributor, who through this meticulous process is also able to offer you a solid insurance policy.

Forget about the problems caused by defective components, about which you never know everything you want to know. We can provide you with the evidence and documentation you need. Contact us in a few clicks through the form below to get more information.

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