The independent distributor in the world of the electronic components

The independent distributor in the world of the electronic components

Who is and what does he do?

The independent distributor in the field of electronics is a figure that grows and evolves together with the industry itself. Until the beginning of the year 2000, it was proposed as an intermediary, i.e. as a wholesaler, between the manufacturing companies and the various activities related to the electronics sector, while, nowadays, an independent distributor is a real professional able to assist and support companies in many ways.

His specialty is to find the parts as Renesas microprocessors:

  • MCU/MPU 8-Bit Microprocessor HD64180R1P6V,
  • Microcontroller, FLASH, 20MHz, CMOS, LFQFP48, R5F21347HJFP,
  • MCU 16-bit/32-bit H8S CISC 256KB Flash 3.3V 144-Pin LQFP, R4F24569NVRFQV
  • Microcontrollers IC 16/32-bit 32MHz 512KB (512K x 8) FLASH 144-LFQFP, M30835FJGP/U3,

at the most convenient prices, from reliable sources, according to the needs of the buyer, offering advantages also from an economic point of view. Although the globalization of the markets seems to have opened the direct commerce between producers and electronic activities, the reality of the facts shows that the larger companies, able to differentiate themselves from the competition, still operate using the distribution.

Reasoned and not improvised business planning makes you understand how these professionals can save time and money and even increase profits. Try to believe it! Components sold by independent distributors must always be original, covered by warranty, and from reliable and continuous sources of supply. Also, independent distribution guarantees fairness in terms of order fulfillment and delivery, allowing customers to supply themselves even when needed. This eliminates the need for large inventories, which are necessary to have the components available if you buy directly from companies located on the other side of the world. In these cases, it is necessary to preview a long and uncertain duration of the shipments and therefore a not constant supplying.

The latest report by GTDC (Global Technology Distribution Council) confirms the central role of the independent distributor. It shows that according to experts, i.e. 61 % of the non-distributor salesman, the segment of electronic components distribution will grow by about 10 % in 2025. The market will obviously turn to all those professional figures who have evolved their business from simple intermediaries to collaborators offering proactive services able to give added value to companies.
And you want to collaborate with us and give us the opportunity to give an added value to your company? Contact us, we are at your complete disposal.

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