The advantages of independent distribution

The advantages of independent distribution

Are you really sure that the work of the independent distributor is limited to brokerage?

The independent distributor is a valuable figure for those who have to buy, providing the best components in terms of quality, suitability to demand, and price according to the customer’s objectives. So it can be said that the relationship between the distributor and the buyer is not simply based on a contract of sale, but on general advice, which aims to understand the needs of the customer and relate them to the market at a given time.

Independent distribution, because of its knowledge of the market, can respond efficiently to the needs of companies. Buyers know that they can always turn to them for any problem.

Trust is the basis of the link between independent distributors and customers. A trustworthy relationship with independent distribution can significantly increase the ability to access higher turnover markets, therefore with more competitive conditions even if the customer is already operating in these markets due to the ”price protection policy” made directly by the parent companies. Like in all the markets, also here the logic of business is based on the communication of the data regarding the choices of the buyers that, obviously, direct the purchases of the warehouse towards a determined product.

If, for example, in the last six months there has been an orientation to the purchase of microchips Atmel AT24C128BN-SH-B, ATMEGA16-16AU, QT1081-ISG or U2100B-MY, also the smallest buyers will be able to orient themselves on such choices foreseeing an increase in market demand.

The independent distributor on the trend of these dynamics is always updated and through his advice, the customer will be able to get the best possible conditions according to his needs.

And you, do you want to take advantage of the advantages of a relationship of trust with an independent distributor, or do you prefer to stay behind? Contact us, we will do everything possible to become a winning team.

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