Independent distributor insurance: the policy that covers damage to defective components

When you buy electronic components, they may have defects. It can also happen that after purchasing a component, it compromises the proper functioning of the instrument on which it is mounted: what to do in such cases? Is the warranty sufficient?

The question of insurance, offered by distributors, is always very controversial. It should complement the traditional warranty, so it should be an extension of the latter. In reality, especially for distributors based in the East, insurance is understood as a synonym of the guarantee, so it is not provided.

But why is it so important to make sure that the distributor provides insurance on products sold? The importance of insurance is clear: its presence means that the distributor can respond with coverage for factory defects or damage caused to equipment by a defective or malfunctioning component.

In business relationships, especially in those involving electronic components, the role of insurance is often marginal, if not overlooked. The presence or absence of an insurance policy is thought of only when a failure or damage occurs: but at that point, it is really too late.

The reason why insurance on electronic components is almost never highlighted is that most of the distributors (sometimes even official ones) do not have it. There are some official distributors who have it, but they do not mention it to prevent customers from taking advantage of it. Even independent distributors often do not have insurance on the components sold. The reason is soon said: they are inclined to change suppliers all the time, therefore, unless there is a punctual traceability system they can rarely have an insurance company ready to support them and take the risk.

The insurance coverage on collateral damage produced by electronic components is a fundamental element and Electronic Partner knows it well! Precisely for this reason, over the years we have studied the procedure to obtain, from independent distributors, the insurance coverage, succeeding with success.

Do you want to buy from an independent distributor, Littelfuse 0449.750MR, and be sure that the insurance is present? Do you want an independent distributor for Littelfuse 0451.750MRL with insurance included? Are you looking for a distributor for 0449.500MR or for 0451.500MRL with an insurance policy?

In order not to find yourself with defective components or damaged equipment, please contact professionals with an insurance policy on components of different brands. If you want to get more information contact us now!

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