How to work with a new supplier

How to work with a new supplier

Until a few decades ago, suppliers and buyers were often linked not only by business but also by friendship. These relationships, consolidated, went beyond purchase prices, based on trust between the parties. Today the situation has changed. The wide range of distributors crowding the market on the one hand and the presence of independent distributors alongside the official ones on the other, has pushed many buyers to try new paths.

What are the steps to try a new independent supplier?

The first step is to interview him. Once the interview is over and you have seen his references, you can start with the proof of supply you need. Ask the independent distributor FCI (Amphenol ICC) 55510-108TR and make him aware that the supply of these components is proof of supply. The important thing is that he knows, constantly, that you are testing your relationship.

If sending the supply of electronic components is an important test case for the independent distributor, you can understand a lot about his qualities, his habits, and his way of dealing with other buyers both from interviews and from relationships with other buyers. In this way, you can know in advance both the areas in which it performs best and the areas in which it sinks the most.

The payment terms: how to settle?

The payment of the supply made by the independent distributor for FCI (Amphenol ICC) 55510-108TR is a very important moment: the best solution is still to agree on a post-delivery payment but, if it is not feasible, it is necessary maybe to find an intermediary body that protects both parties. The use of intermediaries for the payment of the supply allows both parties to have a guarantor in the management of the money. In addition, the presence of the guarantor allows the supplier to pay only after the goods received have been effectively verified and the supplier is certain that either the goods supplied will be returned to him ”sealed” or will be paid as initially agreed.

Trying independent distributors, therefore, can save costs, obtain an economic advantage, and at the same time allow you to discover a new interlocutor to trust and to rely on without running any risk, indeed having more guarantees.

Our team is ready to respond to your every request, to advise you, and to establish a long and fruitful relationship with you. If you are ready to choose your new partners, we are ready to welcome you among our clients.


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