How to know when a product arrives from the manufacturer or from mysterious stocks

How to know when a product arrives from the manufacturer or from mysterious stocks

If you work in a company that deals with electronics, you will have often found yourself analyzing your sector, in a context that can change (even considerably) from one day to the next, at the mercy of political, social, and economic events. You have probably had to deal with a large number of suppliers, who have proposed rates and products, shipping costs, and delivery times, not always convenient or 100% guaranteed.

That’s why it’s advisable to focus on independent distributors, who are able to find their way in an ever-changing market, among hard-to-find components and conditions that are as advantageous as possible for you.

An independent distributor can help you in your search for a semiconductor such as the Taiwan Semi TS19376CY5RMG, allowing you to order a number of pieces in line with your needs. Or maybe they can advise you on a specific product type or the possibility of accessing special discounts. Imagine paying 40% less for a stock of parts! Would that work for you?

The real question is whether that stock has a reliable source or not.

How to be sure about the origin of the products and avoid problems

By turning to independent distributors to purchase Taiwan Semi TS19376CY5RMG, you can save time and avoid some nasty surprises. How? Generally, when you buy independently, directly from suppliers, you have to make sure that the products are really valid and you do it by following some steps:

  • verification of the presence of any reviews or references left by customers
  • analysis of the photos provided, starting from the packaging
  • Examination of the labels associated with the packaging and images related to the goods
    study of reports

All of this takes up valuable time that you could be spending on other things. This is why an independent distributor may be right for you! The independent distributor is also responsible for verifying product traceability, which is becoming increasingly difficult to analyze. Why? In some cases, barcodes on origin labels are eliminated, perhaps because they could embarrass the component supplier. Independent distributors work only with products that carry a warranty and whose exact origin can be determined.

There are essentially two types of warranties:

  • replacement of the product in case of malfunction or non-conformity; whoever sells you the component does not interface with the manufacturer
  • product failure analysis, i.e. an in-depth analysis of the failure that includes product testing and/or possible replacement; the supplier has a direct relationship with the manufacturer, which directly provides the warranty whose conditions are mentioned on the manufacturer’s website

Therefore, by using independent distributors you can forget about all these problems, leaving them the task of investigating the various aspects of the purchase. If you need professional advice, contact us at Electronic Partner!

We have been specialized for over 20 years in the field of electronic components distribution and we help companies to find the best products at the right price, also taking care of finding the most suitable delivery services. For information or quotes please fill out the contact form below.

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