How to deal with component obsolescence šŸ’”

How to deal with component obsolescence šŸ’”
How can you plan, manage and design a circuit, starting with a simple idea? How can you turn it into a sample? And most importantly, how do you strategically manage electronic components that may become obsolete?

Many people ask themselves these questions and very often find themselves faced with a conundrum. Today we’re going to share with you a method for managing obsolescence at the design stage.
Products have a useful life that surpasses that of the components they are made of. As a result, it becomes critical to ensure you have aĀ reliable sourceĀ of the components involved, including those that are/would become obsolete soon.

Electronic design is not easy nowadays and aĀ non-strategic selection of electronic components can create a domino effectĀ when this “simple first tip” could help you to have further insights to optimally manage this situation that has become the order of the day.

First, we suggest you pay attention to theĀ type of relationshipĀ you haveĀ with your supplier. Can he provide you with all the information you need to protect your production chain? We at Electronic PartnerĀ mainly askĀ our suppliers for all theĀ informationĀ that can beĀ usefulĀ to ourĀ partners, regardless of whether or not we will then manage the orders of the eventual items in question with you!
Every day we live in the dynamic that theĀ lowest purchase costĀ might attract a lot (we also buy from our suppliersĀ šŸ˜‰Ā ) but it is not always the best choice in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Unfortunately, more and moreĀ rarelyĀ the lowest cost is linked toĀ the best deal, on the contrary, more and more often it is a symptom ofĀ counterfeitingĀ of the component.

We suggest at this point to investigate theĀ natureĀ of the component, its realĀ dateĀ of manufacture, …. And on the current ”cv of your supplier”, which can change all the time given the very high risk of non-conforming material in this period!
But that’s not all: you can look forĀ equivalentĀ components. Then at this stage, once identified, theĀ independent distributorĀ can give you aĀ worldwide view, if he has the appropriate network of suppliers (but does he!?).Ā WeĀ areĀ specializedĀ in this kind ofĀ challengeĀ and knowing that we can help you solve the problem is reflected in theĀ passionĀ we have in social work where, why not, we hope toĀ Ā Ā contaminate you!

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