How to choose a reliable electronics supplier

How to choose a reliable electronics supplier

Are you looking for electronic components? Don’t know how to find your way in the middle of a jungle of distributors?

In the planning of a company or other kind of business, the choice of who can advise the most appropriate way to develop a profitable business, through the supply, always has fundamental importance.

This professional figure is responsible not only on the quality of the products offered to the buyer but also on the costs charged for the parts. Since the price of the supplying substantially is that one that determines the final price. Moreover, it’s not less forgettable the certainty of the supplying that is the confidence that is put back in the fact that one demand comes satisfied, always and above all in the previewed times.

Here is a series of tips to evaluate and select a reliable independent distributors for electronic components.
The most important thing to evaluate an independent distributor is the service offered. It is not enough for this professional figure to interface between your business and the manufacturer. His work has to be much more active as he should build with your goals to accomplish.

The totality of the products offered must range from known components, such as those of the NXPtype:

  • Microprocessors – MPU QUICC SIM 4SCC MC68360AI25L,
  • Single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with 10-bit A/D, capture/compare timer, high-speed outputs, PWM P80C552EBA
  • Dual asynchronous receiver/transmitter, UART IC 2, DUART Channel 40-DIP SCC68681C1N40

to those less known.

Through consulting, the independent distributor must gain your trust and the know-how to give you the best conditions according to your needs, providing you with all the guarantees you need such as product certifications and after-sales service.

If you do not have a trusted independent distributor, the price will also help you to make a skimming between the various quotes you have available. In a sector like electronic components, of course, to consider the correct price you have to keep in mind not only the real value of the goods, which is constantly changing but also the services. Among these stands out the post-sale relationship that allows you to always buy with the utmost confidence. When you place an order you must be convinced that there will be no problems and, if there are, you must be sure to be supported to deal with the issue quickly.

You are still looking for your trusted independent distributor. Contact us. We will do everything we can to be at your service and give you what you are looking for.

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