How to choose a new supplier

How to choose a new supplier

The many events that have occurred in recent periods, particularly the Coronavirus pandemic, have ended up making the market even more changeable. The economic, social, and political consequences of the lockdown have been heavy, and the situation is likely to be even more difficult in the coming months. Fluctuating prices, uncertain delivery times, and other factors certainly do not favor those looking for new suppliers. Suffice it to say that Asia, which is still perhaps the most important basin for numbers to draw on, is now close to production saturation with domestic production of small electric cars, 5G, etc. And it is precisely in this period that independent distributors have carved out an increasingly important role for themselves. Do you work in electronics? How do you choose to board and wiring components that are sure to have, at the same time, quality items, timely delivery, and favorable economic conditions? It will be by contacting an independent distributor that you will receive answers to questions such as “Where can I find items in the Rubycon catalog at the best price?” or “I need to quickly receive the 400LLE1MEFC6.3X11, how can I move? The expertise gained by independent distributors will also be useful to obtain advice on new products, perhaps proposed at better prices, perfectly able to replace the items you want to buy.

The presence of the supplier on the Net: a resource to be exploited to know him better

The number of suppliers in the field of electronic components has gradually increased in recent years. But this growth in terms of numbers does not necessarily correspond to a better quality of service. In fact, alongside efficient and well-structured realities, there are others that are less solid and less attentive to customers. An initial skimming among the available options can be made by selecting those suppliers who subscribe to Web platforms specifically dedicated to the reference sector. Once you have ascertained the presence of the independent distributor you can not only inform yourself about what is published, and how often, but also check if its posts are subject to feedback from users.

The importance assumed by references

A factor not always taken into account as it would deserve? References. Why should you take them into account when choosing a new supplier? Thanks to the references you will be able to see the behavior adopted with previous customers. Verify, in particular, that no problems have arisen at the level of shipment of goods. To contact an independent supplier is advantageous, as the risks of unreliability linked to both the supplier and the courier in charge of shipping are minimized. And this means saving time and money. If you already have a couple of names in mind but are not sure which one is the most reliable, you can try to contact them. Insist on any problems encountered and how the supplier has worked to solve them in the shortest possible time.

Accepted payment methods: how to protect yourself?

Today, regardless of the sector taken into consideration, manufacturers and suppliers seem more inclined to meet the needs of their customers, also with regard to the payment methods granted. If you have decided to rely on a new supplier of electronic components, choose carefully how to pay for your purchases. Above all in the initial period, when still the mutual acquaintance cannot for the force of things be deepened, to complete the payment (therefore to block the effective shipment of the money) only after one verification of the material object of shipment is fundamental.

Acting as an independent consultant we will help you understand if you are actually buying quality electronic components, enjoying the best prices on the market, and fast delivery in line with your needs. We will put the experience gained in the marketplace at your disposal by providing you with a consulting service that will improve the future of your company.

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