Brokers and indipendent distributions

Brokers and indipendent distributions

The current role of technologyin our lives.

Technology is now part of everyday life and is not only the domain of the IT sector. Even when brushing teeth, people prefer to use an electronic tool that offers superior results in a shorter time than manual toothbrushes.

Understanding the importance of components to our time is useful because they are the starting point for the creation of almost any kind of product today. Creating something requires a full understanding of the role, quality, and performance of key components, and ideas can range from creating innovative products to improving existing tools. Independent distributors can be a valuable ally in this situation.

Independent distributors seek to meet the needs of their customers and establish themselves as leaders in the industry by reliably and repeatedly sourcing the items required while creating partnerships of absolute trust.

Current market saturation

The surge in demand, particularly for obsolete electronic components, has triggered the wild expansion of the industry with the introduction of many new players onto the market who, motivated by quick and easy profit, supply refurbished or fake components.

As an example, many Chinese operators are trying to win business by offering priced lower-priced microchips and transistors that are often counterfeit components. The only way to avoid being ripped off when buying products in an industry as competitive as electronics is to work with a reputable and trustworthy independent distributor with a proven track record.

Brokers vs independent distributors

Are the terms “broker” and “independent distributor” actually interchangeable? Let’s dispel this myth.

Brokers are not concerned with building long-term business relationships. Instead, they try to exploit the opportunity.

Independent distributors are necessary experts in the electronic components industry. They are often erroneously called brokers and many are their higher evolution. Independent distributors prioritize the securing of regular and reliable sources of supply to fulfill their customers’ requirements.

In the event of any problems, the independent distributor supports the customer and helps resolve the problem. In addition, Electronic Partner makes it a practice to provide our customers with all the information necessary to optimize and execute the order with another party if we cannot satisfy your requirements: in this way, you are never left without assistance.

Would you like to establish a solid and long-term partnership of trust with us – or would you rather go it alone? Contact us and put us to the test!

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