Broker and independ distribution

Broker and independ distribution

Are “brokers” and “independent distributors” really the same thing? Let’s shake on that myth.

In the electronic components segment, you can’t do without professionals like independent distributors. Often identified as brokers, but in reality, they are their evolution. Independent distributors work on reliable and continuous sources of supply to build together with the customer, through in-depth advice, objectives to achieve. Brokers carry out an activity that we could call archaeological, trying to take advantage of the client’s need to make the most of it, without being interested in building any lasting business relationship.

Knowledge and creativity are the basis on which the work of the inventors, mostly engineers, who use the components to create all sorts of machinery. Today technology is no longer the exclusive prerogative of the computer world but part of everyday life. Even to brush our teeth we prefer to use an electronic instrument that guarantees better results in less time than traditional hand brushes. All this makes you understand how the components are the cornerstone of our era because it is from there that we start to give life to any type of object. Ideas range from the improvement of existing tools to the creation of new products, but to create what you need to know impeccably the quality and functioning of the components. And that’s where independent distributors come into play. They all want to fully satisfy their customers by providing them with any kind of material they require and become a point of reference in their business. The independent distribution was born to support this purpose, through the creation of a relationship of total trust. The best components at the best prices and the possibility to find anything in a relatively short time is not a mirage if you have the right partner.

STMicroelectronics requests such as :

Bipolar Transistors – BJT NPN General Purpose 2N3019 or Audio Amplifier BD139,
Fully integrated micro-stepping motor driver with motion engine and SPI, 8 – 45V 7.0A 1/128 L6470H
Diacs 32 Volt Trigger DB3

are ordinary questions that are asked to all independent distributors who supply customers according to their needs and work pace.

Market saturation and differences between brokers

The increase in demand, especially for obsolete electronic components, has led to wild growths of the sector by bringing unprofessional activities on the market that, driven by quick and easy profit, offer scrap or reconditioned parts. Unfortunately, countries like China have saturated this trade trying to pass for excellent remanufactured components or even creating clone products, very often not working, to offer microchips and transistors at lower prices, beating the competition. To use an independent distributor in the purchase of products in a dynamic market such as electronics is the only way to avoid getting into big deals.
An independent distributor has an interest in creating a lasting relationship with the customer and therefore provides advice through what goals are defined. If an independent distributor is not able to guarantee his own results, he will give all the necessary information to the customer to optimize and place the order with another player. This argument values for both independent distributor or broker. Your trusted independent distributor never leaves your customers alone.

Do you prefer to be left alone or build a stable and lasting relationship of trust with your independent distributor? If you want to lay the foundation, we are at your disposal. Contact us.


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