How to avoid upfront payment

How to avoid upfront payment

In the last newsletter (16/02), we talked about the importance of relying on an external testing house to have unbiased and objective inspections and quality checks performed on the materials you have purchased, probably with an upfront payment.

In fact, most, if not all, suppliers, especially at the outset, require this type of payment. Relying on an intermediary entity, a sort of modern “letter of credit” that will safeguard and hold your money until you have verified the quality of the goods, is an alternative to this type of payment.
However, activating this type of intermediary takes time, a lot of paperwork and energy that you would usually devote to other activities – like growing your business.

Another alternative is to partner with a reputable independent distributor of electronic components who sources reliable goods from trustworthy suppliers and handles the payment processes and delivery according to your requirements.

At Electronic Partner we pride ourselves on our professionalism in all these services. So why go through all those efforts yourself when you could put us to the test and save yourself the trouble?

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