Unstable market? Rely on the brokerage’s professionals

Unstable market? Rely on the brokerage’s professionals

The market is in continuous turmoil, it changes continuously, it transforms, it never stands still. Socio-political, economic and health events, such as an epidemic or a sudden virus, have a decisive influence on it. A company struggles to find its way in a sea of suppliers, between reviews, prices that fluctuate continuously according to the rules of the invisible hand of the market, delivery times, delivery costs, any customs fees, etc..

That’s when it becomes important to untangle. This is where independent distributors come into play. In the case of electronics, they know how to find the best quality, economic and availability conditions in the world.

Independent distributors answer such questions and requests: “Where can I find the Mitsubishi CM300DY-24H inverter at the best price?” or “I am looking for 200 pieces of Mitsubishi CM75DU-24F, I want them to get to me as soon as possible”, or “I would like to avoid unpleasant surprises regarding excessive shipping costs, please guide me in the process of purchasing the Mitsubishi CM800HA-34H”?

Others ask for a product with certain characteristics and the independent distributor will be able to say: “Look, it’s not the usual product you order me, but there is an opportunity, I found a reliable seller that gives you a discount of 35% on 500 pieces of a product compatible with what you usually order, the Mitsubishi PS22A73, with delivery within a few days, could it be for you?
The ways of independent distributors are endless, or almost endless. Brokering in very technical areas such as electronics can be an advantage, and the more reliable the broker you turn to, the more the advantage is clear compared to the art of making do.

How to avoid unpleasant surprises

It is true that there are recommendations that can try to follow everyone like:

  • check the photos in the box/pack
  • analyze test reports to avoid nasty surprises
  • examine the photos of the labels attached to the box, which give an idea of where the material came from. The photo also allows you to understand if the goods have been opened previously
  • consult the supplier’s references, which should always be read carefully in order to understand his behaviour in previous orders and especially with regard to the management of problems during shipments

But turning to independent distributors, who have a surgical eye for these things, ultimately saves the company a lot of time and prevents problems due to incompetence or unreliability of the supplier and/or courier to whom it turns. All this translates into considerable money savings.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, turn to professionals who know in-depth the market in which they operate daily. Are you looking for advice on the supply of Mitsubishi electronic components or other brands? Contact us by filling out the form below.


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