Even the Coronavirus is telling us that relationships win!

Even the Coronavirus is telling us that relationships win!

A few days ago, following a communication from one of our Asian players about slowdowns and plant closures of some semiconductor manufacturers due to Coronavirus, we wondered what impact they will have on the electronics market: the consequences of the new delivery problems, already known to all about resistors and capacitors (see our penultimate publication), the changes taking place since 2019 between major brands and official distributors (Texas and Avnet first and foremost), mergers and mergers between brands, the “race to order” in an unprecedented competition between distributors and brokers and, finally, the COVID-19 pandemic?
In these days of “smart-working” there is much more time to discuss, to listen, to give your opinion about some of the above mentioned topics. What emerges is that the unknowns increase and push the pace too! At this point, despite the fact that the electronic market is very similar to the traditional stock exchange, where the price apparently dominates, understanding what is the real priority for the customer is vital. Consequently, the sale becomes the advice of a specialist, a bit like going to a doctor because we have a more or less accentuated stimulus and we decide to be followed by the one that gives us more confidence according to the availability we have in our pockets!
A dear customer-friend of ours told us a little while ago: “All the suppliers, both Italian and foreign, came to visit me because we are well known in the market. They tell you that everything is done, each in his own way … but who trusts them? Will they answer the phone with one of the many problems now present in the market? It’s better to go to the one who gives me more confidence through the story of his experiences or problems, quoting me, without shame, what worked for him and what didn’t!”. Are we wrong if we think it’s the famous “win-win“? But to do so, you need to compare, lower your defenses and put both on the plate what each can do for the other well before your own personal goals.
We think, then, that despite the distances that now require us to keep away from each other, the only real certainty we have is that we have consolidated the desire to weave the plots of human relationships that always come before business. And if we don’t see each other in November (given the cancellations of the Tokyo Olympics and the European Football Championship), why don’t we bring Munich into our PCs by creating the first online electronics fair?
We’re not solitary runners, our goal is to runtogether.

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